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Cake Mania
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A Cake is not just a cake!!!! 

cake brings people together to share in that memory that lasts a lifetime to always be cherished. 

Where the journey started..... 

However you slice it, cake is the sweetness and joy that brings people together.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the transformation of simple ingredients.  

Creaming butter, separating eggs and folding in flour and glistening grains of sweet sugar to create a delicious, fluffy cloud of cake. 

About us

My Story

As a child, I experimented and played. As I grew into adulthood, I took this passion to profession.

A self-taught baker, I love learning while creating.  It was in the kitchen of Sydney’s Planet Cake, that I mastered cake decorating; learning the how to create and recreate 10 extraordinary, specialty designed cakes.  The sweet, intricate sugar flowers and three-dimensional cakes I now craft are a labor of love, unique and beautiful.


In the course of my experience, I got to work with some of the fabulously talented cake designers.  I learnt to marry the symphony of art and cake; it was that knowledge that led me to a life changing decision.


In 2010 the icing of my life’s cake got a whole lot sweeter. I opened Cake Mania with the purpose of creating joy through delicious, handcrafted cakes.  My passion and hard work was rewarded in 2018 when Cake Mania was awarded 2nd Place at the Cake Show in Brisbane

My family keep me inspired and motivated.  Bringing joy and sweetness keeps me creative and just like all good works of art our cakes are memory-makers; that leave a little kiss on the tastebuds.


I personally invite you to contact me to arrange an Appt. to come in and share the cake-love.




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